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Price Range: $5-$13

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Rating: 3

MichMac Bandidos Border Grill

Not great, not terrible. I go here to eat lunch with my Dad becaus the portion sizes are just about right for almuerzo. I honestly don't have strong feelings one way or another about this restaurant, so I'm going to tell you my honest observations. Walking into Bandidos, it is rare that there is ever a hostess to greet you. Normally we wait a minute or so for a waitress to see us and then seat us. I've never had a terrible waitress, but I've never had a fantastic one either. They aren't rude but normally aren't conversational or friendly either. We have always gotten our food within a reasonable amount of time. I get the chicken burrito generally and the sauce gives it a good flavor, although I wish there was more inside of the burrito itself besides just meat. I like the rice and beans as the side but they are extremely small (however, if you go to Mara's Mexican Cafe in Layton, rice and beans as a side are $2 each so at least Bandidos doesn't do that.) The salsa and chips they give you to start with are reasonable for portion size. The salsa is something I've never seen almost has an organge tint. It isn't spicy and has a mild, sweet flavor. Not something I can rave about but not terrible either. They've never messed up our check. I wish there was more music or a lively atmosphere since most of the time it isn't busy. It feel slightly dull. Overall though, reasonably priced and satisfying food.

Rating: 1

chester Bandidos Border Grill

Went to Banditos for a going away lunch. We called early in the week to set it up.Altho there were few other customers it took forever to get a glass of water and menue. When the orders finally came at least three of them were wrong. The one person who sent theirs back didnt get their order untill we were all leaving. The food was cold .Even if it was hot the food is bland and tasteless.We were finally brought a bill that was for someone else.And it took a long time to get the correct bill.I would not waste my time or money there again. Dont waste your time and money on Banditos.

Rating: 5

DTHT Bandidos Border Grill

My wife & I ate here for the 1st time since moving to Utah and we had a great dining experience. Upon entering we were greeted by a smiling hostess and seated promptly in a nice booth area we had requested. The surroundings are very clean and comfortable and the music set the tempo of the experience to come. The menu was very good but we were told a newer menu is coming out next week so we can have a reason to come back soon and try out the new items they will be offering. Our waitress was very friendly and had good food suggestions and gave us terrific service. Our food was served promptly, it was extremely fresh and did not have that microwave look or texture as so many establishments do. I had the chicken fajitas and my wife had shrimp fajitas our food had wonderful flavors, although not very spicy, so be sure and ask for a bit more heat if that is your desire (we like it spicy) also the presentation was very good. The owner came around and I watched him visiting all the tables in our area making sure the food and service was right for everyone and also calling people by their names so we knew they were repeat customers, this is a great sign of a successful business. We met Martin (the owner) as he came around and he was very gracious and personable, he also introduced his wife and daughter who also work at the restaurant. I originally came from Texas and know good Mexican food, I think you will be pleased to experience the food the service and the great hospitality you will receive when you dine here. They truly care about your dining experience and we will be making it a regular stop for dining.

Rating: 5

ravenret Bandidos Border Grill

I recently went to eat lunch at Bandido's and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere is great, and its a very clean place. Waitress greeted me pleasantly and was responsive and attentive. Food was VERY good. I came here based on recommendations I found on-line. The waitress informed me they have been open about 6 months. The food was definitely different from the standard servings you get at other local Mexican restaurants. I had the pork tacos, the Mexicana plate, guacomole, salsa and chips. Salsa was very flavorful and good. The Guacomole was freshly made and had excellent flavor. The pork tacos (recommended by waitress) were awesome. I really liked the Mexicana plate, and they brought out a freshly grilled whole jalapeno pepper and I mean freshly grilled--still very hot! LOL. I love it spicy and this with the rest of the plate was really very good. The owner or manager came out and asked how my meal was (after I finished and paid the bill) and was very courteous and pleasant. So I'm definitely going back. I normally only like the Red Iguana in SLC, but now that I've found Bandito's I can save myself teh long trip to SLC when I get the urge for Mexican Food.

Rating: 5

star105 Bandidos Border Grill

this was an excellent restaurant excellent food excellent service excellent prices is there is to say about this restaurant i have spoken with the owner during two of my visits to bandidos and they have come so far congratulations and keep going. there is nothing more to say

Rating: 5

poppinlipgloss Bandidos Border Grill

This is by far the best Mexican food in the Layton/Ogden area. I have had nothing but great service and the food is amazing. I am vegetarian and they had no problem customizing a dish for me. I have been back numerous times and have introduced a lot of friends and no one has left disappointed. I would definitely recommend Bandido's!

Rating: 5

ebnj Bandidos Border Grill

I just got back from having lunch. I love mexican food and have been to all the local restaurants, this is by far the best I have ever had. The chips and salsa were to die for. I ordered the steak fajitas and shared them with my sister. There was so much food ! So so good and very fresh. The service was fabulous. We were seated promptly and did not have to wait long for our orders. Our waitress was great, very friendly. The owner came around and visited with us, made us feel very welcome. I can hardly wait to go back and try something else from the menu.

Rating: 5

clearfield10 Bandidos Border Grill

Great restaurant. Absolutely wonderful. The service was wonderful. Some people want to find problems anywhere they go. We had no wait. We were served promptly and professionally. My wife and I love to eat Mexican food. This by far, is the best Mexican food that I have experienced in Utah. The manager came out and greeted my wife and I. Made us feel like one of his family. A great restaraunt. I recommend this fine establishment to anyone wanting a nice, relaxed-atmosphere, great service and awesome-tasting food. I would give this six stars if I could.

ebnj replies...

I loved it to. The atmosphere was quite enjoyable as well.

Rating: 1

RickRoll Bandidos Border Grill

I've been three times now, always at the insistence of friends. The food and service can be pretty hit-or-miss. There never seems to be a crowd. The food is average, and the prices are OK. They have definitely cut the portions since opening. The red plastic tumblers for the drinks remind me of a 60's diner. There are too many places in the Layton area with excellent Mexican food to waste your time and money here. The next time friends want cheap Mexican food, I'll take them to Manuel's El Burrito instead. Similar prices, excellent service, excellent food. If you want a nicer atmosphere with truly astounding Mexican food and service to match, then go to the Sonoran Grill in Ogden.

clearfield10 replies...

Why did you continue to go back if you hate it so much? Quite odd, quite odd indeed

DavisTucker replies...

The reviewer clearly says that it was "always at the insistence of friends". I suggest you learn how to read.

mexican replies...

Well, sonoran grill is not mexican food,Bandidos it is mexican food,but you probably had cheese enchiladas right?

star105 replies...

i agree with clearfield10 why would you go back? I have been to sonoran grill it was disgusting food the prices were very high and not worth it. bandidos border grill has a very friendly environment the servers are very friendly the owner walks around talking to all customers not very many restaurants have a guy like that he makes the customers feel like part of the family the food was very authentic the prices were very goodl for the type of food. i have been there many times. and rickroll you oviously know absolutely nothing about mexican food if you say you didnt like it why did you go back? if i didnt like a restaurant i would just get up and leave and im sure you shoved that food down your mouth though you say it was bad food right? well dont go back im sure the restaurant doesnt want annoying and cheap customers like you anyways bandidos is an excellent restaurant and the employees are all so very nice.

Rating: 5

mexican Bandidos Border Grill

Great food,great people,the owner himself visiting everytable making sure everything is ok,best carne asada and shrimp burrito I've ever had,chips and salsa the best,my wife had the shrimp enchiladas with the tomatillo sauce she licked the plate,thanks for bringing the best mexican food to Layton area.

Rating: 5

John Wiser Bandidos Border Grill

My experience was the exact opposite of kmk. Go figure!

My wife and I enjoyed a nice dinner together at Bandidos. We felt as though our server paid close attention and they checked often to see how we were doing. I ordered the Carne Asada Burrito which was terrific. The meat was cooked perfectly and it was tender with a good blend of spices.

My wife order a cheese and a chicken enchilada and she thought they were very good. We both commented as we were leaving that this was the best mexican food we had eaten in quite some time.

Rating: 1

kmk_utah Bandidos Border Grill

I was hesitant to try this new restaurant out as the prior two Mexican establishments in this same building had both gone out of business for one reason or another. Tonight, I decided to give it a chance. I waited in the lobby for several minutes before a hostess finally noticed me, and even then, there was no friendly greeting. Once seated the service just got unfriendlier. After about 10 minutes of sitting at the table a waitress finally left us menus and took our drink order. It took about 25 minutes for her to return to our table to take our order. Now given it was Friday night, I could give some slack if it was busy, but it WASN'T. Waitresses were gabbing away at the fountain machine, not taking care of their tables. I looked around the entire restaurant to find I was not the only person not getting service, it seemed as if no one was! From the time I placed my order, and got my food, which was a simple dish to make, cheese enchiladas, it took another half hour! I cut into my enchiladas to find they were not even warm enough to have melted the cheese. Both were stuffed with cold shredded cheese! After telling the waitress, I got no sympathy, she just laughed it off. I asked for the bill, only to find they even messed up the bill, charging me for things I did not order! Once again, the waitress laughed it off, without an apology. The manager finally made a pass for our table, probably sensing my frustrations, since It was now almost an hour and half after I was seated, I was finally being freed of this horrible experience. I explained my food was cold and the service took too long, she laughed it off and then asked my boyfriend how his food was as if she had not heard a single word I said, and then she walked away. NOT A SINGLE APOLOGY for the lousy service and even lousier flavorless food. What a terrible dinner, terrible management, and if this continues I forsee they will follow suit and run themselves right out of business! Pro: Food prices were affordable, but def. not worth all the cons that come with it!

star105 replies...

all i have to say to you is that your looking for free food your cheap butt should go eat at mcdonalds is all i have to say bandidos is an excellent restaurant. you should feel emberrassed having written this down look at all these reviews with five stars dont you feel dumb. the service was incredible the owner walks around with a big smile on his face.