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Rating: 1

jwilson3154 Bennion Crafts & Frame

I had a custom frame done for a family picture a while back and noticed it was completely falling apart. All 4 sides and the front of the frame were disintegrating. If you touched it, it would crumble under your finger. Anyway…. 6 weeks ago I took it in and talked to the framing manager at Bennion Craft in Kaysville. She offered to redo it and said the manufacturer would replace it because it was defective. AWESOME! I was excited that they would stand behind their frame.

After weeks of waiting for the back ordered frame and multiple unreturned calls to Bennion, I finally got a hold of the manager. She said she had it in stock and it would be done the following day. She was irritable on the phone and kept asking me if I had dropped the frame. I 100% assured her I had not, but she wouldn't let it go. I told her if she wanted to question me, we should have discussed it when I dropped it off 6 weeks prior.

I showed up a few days later, went back to the framing dept, they gave me the frame, no questions asked and I left. No biggie… right? Well……… got a call from the owner today, Scott Bennion. He asked me why I took the frame without paying for it. What?!?! Back it up. What?!?! I explained that it was a replacement for a defective frame and the manager told me the manufacturer would take care of it. At NO point had we ever discussed payment of any kind. I was NEVER given an invoice. The manager never even gave me a single piece of paper. Well…. the owner called me a liar and a shoplifter over the phone and told me that if I didn't bring the frame back, he was CALLING THE POLICE! I AM SO NOT KIDDING. I was completely in SHOCK. I didn't know what to say. This is the owner I'm talking to on the phone and I cannot believe how disrespectful and unprofessional he was. He was really aggressive and his accusations were SO inappropriate. He told me he was also keeping my old frame as "evidence". Wow.

I took the new frame back, he gave me my old frame and I walked out. I wrote a letter to the Better Business Bureau and sent a copy to the owner. I am still completely in shock over this. I walked into the store today with my 3 year old on my hip, my sister-in-law and my 5 year old niece….. do I look like a shoplifter?!?! I honestly could care less about the frame and will have it redone somewhere else. I am just so upset over the fact that this man questioned my integrity and tried to bully me.

Rating: 5

Readers_Choice Bennion Crafts & Frame

Congratulations, Ben Franklin! Voted #3 Favorite Craft Store in the 2010 Tops in the Top of Utah Reader's Choice Awards!