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Visit website 2386 Kiesel Ave, Ogden, UT 84401 Opens today at 10:30 a.m.

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Price Range: $3-$7

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Rating: 5

daren_h Brixton's Baked Potato

Brixton's is the best new place in Ogden to eat. I did not like the pulled pork the first time but it has grown on me and is now one of my favorites. The Chicken Alfredo is excellent along with the Bacon Cheddar. I would suggest to have a mexican potato that has melted cheese, salsa and sour cream. That would be a nice addition to the menu. It's nice to have a variety of resturants and have a choice other than sandwiches, burgers and tacos. The service is excellent and extremely quick. I have tried almost every item on the menu and have been going to Brixton's just about once a week since they opened and I have yet to have a bad potato or a bad experience. Top notch employees and a new, clean atmosphere is what makes Brixton's so great. The cookies are great also.

Business reply brixtons replies...

Thanks for the feedback, and the Mexican Poatato dish is noted!
Great idea btw.
Come check out Brixton's soups,Sweet Potato Bisque and Brixton's Potato Chowder.
They're back for the winter!!

Rating: 5

cookitup Brixton's Baked Potato

Delicious potatoes! I got the Bacon Cheddar and was very impressed with the taste and how satifying it was. It was bigger than i thought it would be haha my friend got the Chicken Alfredo with broccoli which was just as good! im definitely getting that next time:) It was nice to not feel confused or ignored because as soon as i walked in they came right up to help us and explained the menu and were willing to work with us on what we wanted lol One of the employees even came up and asked us if was good and if we needed anything while we were eating. It was refreshing to see that good customer service hasnt died everwhere!

Rating: 5

ddrrcc11 Brixton's Baked Potato

I have been in the food business since I was 15 (for 31 years now) and I am proud to be a part of the Brixton's team. One of the things I am most impressed about is the extreme high quality of the products used here. The beef, chicken and pork are the leanest I have ever worked with and are full of flavor. The sauces are of the highest quality. The customer response has been overwhelming. It is a unique concept...not another burger, pizza or sandwich place. The owners are very professional and treat the employees with respect which is not a given in this industry. If you have any doubt, please come see for yourself. Thank you. R. Craig, general manager.

Rating: 5

Ms_Walker Brixton's Baked Potato

I LOVED IT!!!! I just got done with my new Breakfast Potato! It was amazing! I love how fresh, hot, soft and delicous every single bite was! Not a dry bite! If you really want a treat head down here and have a nice pick me up! :) Potatoes are always great comfort food! :) ooooooo! And my friend had the pulled pork which was supurb as well! The coleslaw mixed with the bbq is amazing!!!!! We will be back soon!

Rating: 1

foodfinder Brixton's Baked Potato

Bad food says it all. Dry stale potatos, nasty, flavorless, toppings. The reviews say it all. Some ones child yells out “this is yucky daddy” “I don’t have to eat all of it do I?” Take a look at the reviews here YOU HAVE TO SEE THE PICTURES OF THIS KIDS FACE EATING A POTATO RIGHT IN BRIXTON'S. You will die laughing! I suggest going down the courner to Sonora Grill, Iggy's, or next door to Subway if you want fast food cause you are not getting it quick at Brixton's and your own chair. Bring your own salt shaker to help you gag down the dry, nasty, flavorless, Brixton's potato. Seriously I thought I was in the old lunch line in elementry school eating pre packaged day old food. Can I get my money back?