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3765 Harrison Blvd, Ogden, UT 84403

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Rating: 1

christopherjohns Harrison Heights Apartments

Wouldn't recommend these apartments unless you like a creepy/rude landlord, unclean environment, or if you need a place to stay for a few months for cheap. Details below.

Management - Run by one guy with one arm (not that there's anything wrong with that, but nothing gets done). If you tell him about a problem that you're having, he will just make up excuses to avoid fixing it. Is very harassing and rude to my guests. On top of that, he is extremely rude and harassing to the tenants. I even video recorded him mocking and attacking a tenant's religious beliefs.

Utilities - Water and gas is included, no complaints there. Our landlord did not instruct us (me or my roommates) on what to do about electricity; in result, the power got shut off for 14 hours. Thermostat does not have a cover (wires showing) and has only two settings: on / off.

Parking - There are three parking lots. North parking lot, under-building parking, out front parking or park on the East side of the road (edge of Weber State campus). The landlord requires you to pay about $25 to park in front, $35 underground and North Parking is free but requires a permit for some reason. North parking is a bit of a walk from the apartments, which is irritating.

Tenants - My friend and I got paired with the absolute worst roommate. Roommate would use our things such as razor, wash cloth, food, dishes, wouldn't pay is part of electric, doesn't clean up after himself.

Conditions/Up keep: _Bathroom - Mold behind the toilets and around the bathtub. Shower head isn't firm and feels likes it's coming out of the wall. Bathtub leaks (landlord wouldn't fix it). Rust behind the mirror. Bathtub would clog easily.

_Bedroom - Windows are so old that they don't insulate at all. Plus windows are not sealed correctly; during the winter, windows become like a freezer to the room. The room (at the time of writing this) could reach 10F degrees. The window is also constructed poorly: the left side is shorter in height than the right side of the window. When I moved in, there was a hefty amount of dust on the shelves and in the closet.

_Living room - Outlets look like they have been painted over (poorly and unprofessionally). When I moved in the shelves were slanted and loose like they were about to come off of the wall. Only half of the blinds rotate like they should.

_Kitchen - You would think that there was a mini-fast-food restaurant in the kitchen by the amount of grease and sludge caked on the cabinets above the stove. There was also dust on top of the grease on the cabinets, the refrigerator, and the counter tops. The dishwasher barely works; bought brand new silverware and Tupperware from Wal-Mart, washed them, and they got dirtier. One of the knobs for the stove comes off and in the oven there's a lot of food baked on the rack and the walls.

Price - The only good thing about these apartments.