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Photos / Founders: Paul & Bonnie Perkins


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Paul and Bonnie of Utah are living proof of one of their favorite mantras, “everyday people can become extraordinary.” The 5-Star Golden Circle couple went from pinching pennies to becoming Isagenix® millionaires in the least expected way.

After having three surgeries, Bonnie realized it was time to take control of her health and weight-loss challenges. She researched nutritional supplements and joined a network marketing company that offered what she thought was a solution to her struggles. She spent 10 years with the company as a product user and part-time business builder, but never found her answer. It wasn’t until her sponsor from that company led her to Isagenix that she finally found success.

“It’s funny how I spent a decade in the nutrition industry, but still had never reached the level of success that I desired,” shares 60-year-old Bonnie. “My health was falling apart and I felt awful.”

After starting an Isagenix system, Bonnie discovered the health she desired. She went from a tight 12 to a size 8* and says she felt the best she ever had. But while her health had skyrocketed, her finances were not. As a hairdresser, Bonnie was not earning enough income to make ends meet and gathered change to cover the cost of a $160 check she wrote for her first Isagenix products. She was four house payments behind and in credit card debt, but was determined to give the Isagenix business a chance.

A self-admitted shy person, Bonnie shared her product success with others, but never really thought of herself as a network marketer. Her main goal was just to help people feel as healthy and as good as she did. Ironically, before she knew it she had a successful Isagenix business brewing.

“I call it ‘ignorance on fire’ as I was just focused on getting my products for free and earning some extra income” explains Bonnie. “I just shared my success with others and the business followed.”

Within her first six months, Bonnie had become a six-figure earner. She continued to share the products until she finally gave herself permission to talk about her financial success. As her Isagenix business flourished, she was able to retire from hairdressing in 2004. She also took an interest in personal development and attended trainings, including courses with Isagenix Master Trainer David Wood. She has since stepped up and out of her shell to become a more empowering leader and network marketer.

Bonnie is looking forward to the next few months as her husband Paul, who has supported her throughout the entire journey, will retire from his 43-year career in the railroad industry to join her full time in the business. Their main goal is to see their teams grow and achieve success with the Isagenix.

“We would have never dreamed of becoming millionaires, but Isagenix opened our eyes to the future,” says Paul. “We just started living the dream a little bit at a time and are so thankful for what we have been given.

Their success has transformed them from being behind on their mortgage to now buying a new home and a condo. They’re even traveling to places they never imagined were possible including taking their whole family to Disneyland and SeaWorld. Bonnie and Paul have also encouraged two of their three children to join Isagenix and their daughter, a stay-at-home mom who had originally set a goal of earning $500 a month, has since become a six-figure earner.

“Dreams do come true if only you believe. Six years ago I had given up on life and had no dreams, but now we are so grateful for the blessings that we and others in our family and team have accomplished,” says Bonnie. “Our memories are worth more than a million dollars. We will continue to build memories with our family and team and love our grandchildren and enjoy having fun with them.”