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Visit website 440 E 4400 S, Ogden, UT 84403 Opens today at 9 a.m.

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Price Range: $2-$8

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Rating: 1

Jessica Mount Ogden Grill

This place is terrible! My husband and I went in for lunch and we were there 40 minutes and we finally walked out because we never got our food. There were only 2 other parties in the restaurant so it wasn't very busy. We will never go there again and I don't see this restaurant lasting long and it's too bad because the previous owners made the setting so nice.

shannonutah replies...

The former waitress was removed and the current service is very good.

Rating: 5

rentee Mount Ogden Grill

I just went to lunch here with two business associates. I ordered an unusual soup (lemon/pasta) and my waitress could tell (without me saying a word) that I was not enjoying it. (I'm sure the soup was prepared in an excellent manner, it was just not what I expected.) She insisted that I trade for another soup or a salad. After refusing to trade on the basis that I knew I was taking a chance witht he unknown soup, she insisted (graciously) that she bring me a salad and wanted to know my preferred dressing. I accepted. The chicken avacodo pita sandwich I ordered was outstanding. As was the service and the ambiance. I highly recommend this restaurant and will be returning often. Great lunch, great atmosphere, excellent food!

Rating: 5

rjhaacke Mount Ogden Grill

My husband and I ate here last week for lunch. We were very impressed. The atmosphere was cozy, while feeling a little upscale. We brought are 2 year old and was very surprised to find a little kids play area to keep her busy. The menu had lots of good choices, but we both decided on sandwiches. I had the Philly cheese steak,and my husband had the french dip. I have never had a better french roll before. My husband made the same comment. We both went with the country fries as our side, which were tasty, but we realized that most people in the restaurant had the soup. It looked really good also. We decided at that point, that we would definitively be coming back and trying out some different items on the menu.( By the way our food was hot!! and our server was very attentive. we didn't have any of the problems that other reviewer had.)

Rating: 5

mog Mount Ogden Grill

I encourage everyone to please come and try my vegetables! I promise that they are not cold! I also would like to say that my server was awesome and handled this situation with great professionalism. It was an unfortunate situation in which no party could have been happy. Please come try the piping hot veggies and hand cut steaks at Mount Ogden Grill :)

Business reply mog replies...

On a side note these customers ate all of their food :)

Rating: 1

barfarf123 Mount Ogden Grill

HORRIBLE Service was crap, food was crap, the chef was errogent and cocky, the waitress was snappy and very rude. My mom ordered the salmon which is a pretty expensive plate, and the rice and vegetables were served refrigerator cold. The waitress snapped back stating "What would you like me to do about it?" She did offer more rice but when you are served crap for food who would want to go back and heat it up or bring you more crap with spit in it. The chef came out and my mom asked him a simple question, "IS THIS COLD?" the chef like a pansy stated it was not cold but it was not hot either without feeling the food at all. So my mom put some rice in his hand and asked the question again the chef was trying to come up with a clever smart ass remark and finally admitted that it was cold I told him good answer and he walked away. The snippy waitress brought out the check and my mom asked if she took anything off the bill, my mom is not a snob and would have accepted maybe $5 off the bill for the inconvience and the lady snapped back at her that she offered more CRAP FOOD. My mom did not tip her and paid the whole bill stating that word will get out via internet that THIS PLACE SUCKS. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THIS ESTABLISHMENT!!!!