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Sanders Coins was created and founded by J Wendel Sanders in the early 1950. He started off as a Flower store in the middle of Ogden, Utah and coin collecting and the silver bullion price was picking up. So he transformed his Ogden, flower store into a Coin store. He had been servicing the Ogden area for many years bringing many valuable coins to Ogden collectors. It has been become a family affair his son Scott Sanders took over the business in the early 1980's and continued the tradition of coin collecting in the Ogden area. Bringing joy and cash to the area residents by bringing to their attention the value of their coins.

Coins now have a high value a silver coin made before 1964 with a face value of a quarter, dime, fifty cent piece or one dollar have 18 times their face value so a dime is worth $1,80. This has continued to maintained and is a good saving accounts for many or also a way to earn some money off some coins they have had in their piggy banks.

The tradition of coin buying and selling is continuing with Scott Sons now continuing the business bringing in the third generation. The joy that I get is seeing a coin that my Grand Father and father have sold to a family and seeing that coin go up in value and watching the joy on those family faces when they realize what their parents did for them.

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