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Xtreme Motors LLC

Rating: 5


ty is a good dude took care of me and my refund in 20 minutes

Rating: 5

Robdawg64 Xtreme Motors LLC

Would have given 10 stars if possible, I have been buying from xtreme motors for several years now with zero problems they have always responded promptly to questions or concerns and parts are always as described. I would not hesitate to purchase from them most parts are 60-80% less then new. Big savings = more money to play After reading a couple of these reviews I would assume that there is a mis understanding of new vs used but if you understand that a used part may have a scuff or show signs of use hence why it is used parts at a deep discount then all reviews would be 5 stars. **KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK XTREME****

Rating: 5

ihatextrememotor08 Xtreme Motors LLC

Rating: 5

Xtreme Motors Xtreme Motors LLC

Dear sled head 69. Please contact us if you have a issue were here to help not to burn you we try our best to sale quality used parts. If there's a issue feel free to call us 801-732-9038. Thanks for the review

Rating: 1

sledhead_69 Xtreme Motors LLC

I would have to agree with Ben225.......I bought a motor from them that they stated that it ran super strong and it turned out to be a thousand dollar paper weight. Don't buy from these guys. They don't stand behind the products that they sell!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 5

partsguy Xtreme Motors LLC

Not sure why ben225 says bad about them I have a car salvage yard when selling used parts a mistake can happen or more often the buyer buys used at a amazing price finds a slight scuff to be expected and throws a fit BUY NEW FOR ALL YOU PPLE LIKE THAT THATS THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL BE HAPPY keep it up xtreme

Rating: 1

Ben225 Xtreme Motors LLC

Sells junk parts, Do not buy from these people. Will not refund and they do not check parts before selling like they say they do.

partsguy replies...

check there feedback over 20000 transactions maybe 20 bad thats hella good for used parts cant keep everyone happy in this world used parts shops are only ran by humans