Rating: 5

October 6, 2010

I recently went to eat lunch at Bandido's and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere is great, and its a very clean place. Waitress greeted me pleasantly and was responsive and attentive. Food was VERY good. I came here based on recommendations I found on-line. The waitress informed me they have been open about 6 months. The food was definitely different from the standard servings you get at other local Mexican restaurants. I had the pork tacos, the Mexicana plate, guacomole, salsa and chips. Salsa was very flavorful and good. The Guacomole was freshly made and had excellent flavor. The pork tacos (recommended by waitress) were awesome. I really liked the Mexicana plate, and they brought out a freshly grilled whole jalapeno pepper and I mean freshly grilled--still very hot! LOL. I love it spicy and this with the rest of the plate was really very good. The owner or manager came out and asked how my meal was (after I finished and paid the bill) and was very courteous and pleasant. So I'm definitely going back. I normally only like the Red Iguana in SLC, but now that I've found Bandito's I can save myself teh long trip to SLC when I get the urge for Mexican Food.